NW Cannabis Classic – Alaska

NW Cannabis Classic – ALASKA

May 14-15, 2016  |  ANCHORAGE, ALASKA

The NW Cannabis Classic offers growers and producers the opportunity for both national and international recognition.

This is the only dedicated competition available to growers and producers of cannabis products in Alaska, giving the winners the unique opportunity to promote their product as Alaska’s Best.

Held over the weekend in Anchorage, Alaska, the NW Cannabis Classic is an event not to be missed

With countless cannabis strains and products from across Alaska set to descend upon Anchorage, 2016 will be the biggest and best NW Cannabis Classic to date.

Explore and discover over 50 strains and cannabis products from 30+ growers. There will be growers you’ve never heard of, special one-off strains, right through to the varieties you know and love.

We are all about showcasing Alaska’s unique and exciting strains and cannabis products directly from the breeders, growers, and producers. This means that you get the opportunity to chat with them, learn, and experience your favorite products.

Each grower selects their favorite strains and products so that you have the opportunity to taste them all one-by-one. Whether you’re a connoisseur or fresh on the scene, the growers will help select something for you.

Over two full days, you will have the opportunity to explore the different strains and cannabis products Alaska has to offer.

Cannabis lovers from Alaska and beyond make the annual pilgrimage to Anchorage. Step into a cannabis lover’s paradise, wander through the pop-up lounges while tasting over 50 Alaskan strains and cannabis products. Learn to appreciate cannabis even more than you already do at free seminars throughout the day. For keen home growers, there are breeding classes, equipment tips, and lectures on fine-tuning your techniques and growing better marijuana

Add live music, visual arts, exhibits, vendors, competitions and awards. Discover, taste and learn everything you wanted to know about the plant from heaven. Immerse yourself in the color of this highly anticipated spring fest.


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