Cannabis Reality Television

We are in the development phase for the production of a reality television program being broadcast over the internet. The basis of this series will be the daily life in a new cannabis business established in Portland, Oregon and the interactions of the owner with his friends, employees and industry guests.chef budsy_6

In order to fund this project we will be launching a fund raising campaign in order to produce a quality product that will enable us to grab enough attention to launch and continue production. You ask what’s next?

Join us as we launch our Reality Television Series


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Cannabis Reality Promo – 8:36

45 Second Cannabis Reality Promo

Raw footage from Early Days of CR

Watch Out – Train Wreck Ahead

Jessica Joins Cast of Cannabis Reality

Gangsta Investment Banker

Jessie Tells All

Recap of Saturday Night – 8-20-16

Raw footage for Cannabis Reality Series

Raw footage of Sunday Morning Medication

Raw footage 5-12-16 @ 1:30 PM

Raw footage 5-12-16 @ 10 AM Cannabis Reality Series

Raw footage 5-12-16 @ 10 AM

Daily Footage 5-12-16 2 AM

Daily Footage 5-12-16 2:44 AM

We will be uploading more footage to the private subscriber section on a daily basis. This will be accessible for the 2 $50,000 subscribers.


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